Essential Information

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Opening hours, currency, Internet access, local customs and traditions, embassies and consulates… In sum, all kinds of practical information. Welcome to our survival guide to Madrid, so that nothing takes you by surprise when you come, and you can enjoy your stay without worries.


Preparing your trip

Some guidelines to help you fully enjoy your stay and make sure that nothing catches you off guard.

Whether it’s cold or hot or cold, Madrid offers comfortable visits all the year round.

Your identity card or passport, maybe your visa, and your suitcase are all you need to have a great time in Madrid!

Find out more about tipping, exchanging money and tax-free shopping.

Discounts on museums and transport. Find out how to save time and money during your stay in Madrid.

Download free maps and guides to the city to help you plan your trip.

Once you're here

Help us improve! Send us your requests via Internet, by telephone, by letter or at the Registration Offices.

Madrid is committed to quality in tourism, as set out in the Charter of Tourist Assistance and Information Services.

Everything you need to know about hospitals, healthcare centres, the toll-free number 112 and the Foreign Tourist Assistance Service (SATE).

A specialised service that assists foreign visitors involved in incidents that require police intervention.


The city’s new official sightseeing and tourist travel pass.

An observation deck offering wonderful vistas of the city.

Visit our online store (in Spanish) of souvenirs made by local artisans!

  • Discover the city's most popular sights and attractions, from one of Europe's largest royal palaces to the magnificent Prado Museum and the Real Madrid football stadium. 

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  • Palacio Real
  • Download the Essential Paseo del Arte app and discover the twenty-four masterpieces you simply have to see in Madrid.

    The Essential Paseo del Arte app
  • Whatever your religion, you can practise your faith in Madrid during your stay.

    Places of Worship
  • Servicios religiosos en Madrid


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