Shopping: Beyond the centre of Madrid

  • Compras: Más allá del centro de Madrid

Nobody questions the commercial appeal of the centre of Madrid and its best known neighbourhoods. However, we can also discover other areas of the city whilst out shopping.  

Starting off in the north of the capital, one of the most interesting shopping areas is the La Vaguada shopping centre. It was the first shopping centre in the Community of Madrid and is an attractive space created by the prestigious artist from the Canary Islands, César Manrique, who gave it plenty of natural light, vegetation, waterfalls, open-plan spaces, rest areas and he even put it underground so as to reduce its visual impact. Inside, dozens of shops receive 25 million visits each year. Firms to be found there include the big names in Spanish and international fashion: Zara, Mango, H&M, etc., as well as a large El Corte Inglés department store and a hypermarket from the Alcampo chain. La Vaguada is undergoing a major transformation process, promoting concepts of sustainability to give a new boost to its leisure and restaurant areas and its terrace.

Moving away from the centre of Madrid and heading eastwards, we can also discover some shopping areas that are not so crowded but which have a similar offer. In the Hortaleza district, we can find the Palacio de Hielo Shopping and Leisure Center shopping centre In addition to the popular and well known prêt-à-porter labels, there is also a wide range of international cuisine, cinemas and an ice-skating rink. 

Palacio Hielo

If you prefer a more select kind of shopping in the east but now in the Ciudad Lineal district, visit the Arturo Soria Plaza shopping centre, in one of the most exclusive and historic streets of Madrid: firms such as Farrutx, Tintoretto, Roberto Verino, Coronel Tapioca, Accesorize, Pepe Jeans, Imaginarium or Trucco can be found here.

Another lively and popular shopping area in this district is the section of Calle Alcalá which passes through the Quintana and Pueblo Nuevo neighbourhoods. This is an example of how small neighbourhood commerce coexists with international firms. Some interesting options are the well known haberdashery shop, La Torre, in the Plaza de Quintana, which has accumulated decades of professionalism or the indescribable t-shirts at El Señor Miyagi, printed with jokes for freaks and fun references to the pop culture.

Vicálvaro is also a busy commercial area in the vicinity of Calle San Cipriano and the Vicálvaro shopping centre and in San Blas – Canillejas, we can find the vast Plenilunio shopping centre.

Vicálvaro also has a lively commercial life around calle San Cipriano and the Vicálvaro Shopping Centre as well as the Vicálvaro Market and in San Blas - Canillejas we find the large Plenilunio Shopping Centre.

In Alcorcón, X-Madrid is the shopping and leisure space designed to reinvent the shopping and leisure experience: more technological, more urban, more extreme, more authentic. It has three floors devoted to fashion, sports, restaurants and the best experiential leisure.

South of the city

Further south, discover the bustling commercial life in one of the most interesting, lively and characteristic neighbourhoods of Madrid, Vallecas. Avenida de la Albufera and Bulevar Villa de Vallecas maintain Madrid’s traditional small shops.

Towards the south and east of the capital, you will find popular neighbourhoods with an interesting commercial offer. In Arganzuela, a visit to Mobeo is highly recommended, one of the most multi-faceted bicycle and repair shops in Madrid, offering courses, talks, a bicycle school and a vast catalogue of foldable and electric bicycles. In Villaverde, you will love to step into La Jaula, a cheese and ham delicatessen which reflects the best of the spirit of this historic district. Don’t miss Ráduga, a shop specialised in products and crafts from Russia, one of the few places where you can buy an authentic matrioska doll or a real badalaika.

Continuing towards the west, we can find many well known labels and franchises at the Plaza Río 2 shopping centre in Usera, or discover the small, local shops on Calle Marcelo Usera. Other commercial areas in the south and west of the city are the La Ermita shopping centre, in the Latina district, the shops along Calle General Ricardos in Carabachel and the Isla Azul shopping centre, the largest in the city.  



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