Madrid Fountains

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Did you know that the Cibeles and Neptuno Fountains used to stand opposite to each other? Are you familiar with the fact that Madrid has the only Fountain on Earth representing the Fallen Angel? The fountains in the capital can answer these questions, and many others too, telling stories about the city.

This wonderful fountain at the start of the Art Walk is one of Madrid's most renowned icons.

The sculpture is found in one of the most impressive squares of the capital city, in the heart of the Art Walk.

One of the most popular spots for a selfie, this monument features the figures of Don Quixote, Sancho Panza and their creator Miguel de Cervantes.

A city with a monument to Lucifer? In Madrid anything is posible. This statue is in the Retiro Park.

These four sisters, with a triton holding a dolphin, greet the visitor along the Art Walk.

This elegant sculpture is one of the essential stops on the tourist route of the Art Walk.

Next to the Retiro lake, this monument has an exact replica in the plaza del Emperador Carlos V.

It's beauty makes it one of the most photographed fountains of the Retiro Park.

Located in the plaza of the same name in los Austrias, this is a lively meeting place in summer evenings.

This homage to the mythological character maintains intact the character of Madrid de los Austrias.

Witness to great historical events, the statue shows the baroque preoccupation with the passage of time.

French formal gardens, monumental fountains, glass factories, beautiful landscapes and delicious judiones beans. There’s much more to La Granja than just its palace.

Located in the gardens of El Retiro Park, in the Sardana roundabout, the relief of the fountain shows a group of figures dancing a Catalan sardana.

The urban beach of Madrid Río is made up of three fountains. Three esplanades with several jets of water each one of which can be accessed free of charge.

Monumental fountain in Madrid located in the Campo del Moro gardens, alongside the Royal Palace.

Fountain where it is said that Saint Isidro performed one of his miracles. Open every day of the year from 9am to 3pm


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  • Monumento Alfonso XII. 1922. José Grases Riera. Foto de Álvaro López del Cerro.


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  • Rosaleda de El Retiro © Álvaro López del Cerro


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