Madrid's craftsmen and women

  • Jandra Cerámica. © Álvaro López del Cerro. Madrid Destino

A map of old Madrid can be traced by the trades after which many of its streets are named: Latoneros (tinsmiths), Cuchilleros (cutlers), Curtidores (tanners), and Bordadores (embroiderers). However, craftsmanship is not just a thing of the past. The last decade has seen a new generation of makers reclaiming the value of hand-made items, as tailors, basket makers and potters open studios in the capital that are inspired by the latest trends in fashion. We scoured the streets of Lavapiés, the Barrio de Las Letras Literary Quarter, Chueca, Las Salesas, Malasaña, Conde Duque, La Latina, and Hapsburg Madrid in search of new workshops and old businesses whose doors have been open for more than a century. It’s worth noting that the capital is also home to artisans with studios hidden from view or who don’t have a physical store but whose creations can be found in other specialist shops around the city.


Pieces of jewellery are dreams come true in the eyes of these makers who, in their studios in Madrid, uphold an artisan tradition deeply rooted in our city.


The feel of clay in your hands can be quite an experience. In Madrid, there are numerous studios where skilled artisans work to express themselves through this medium.

Leather tanning is one of the oldest trades still practised in Madrid. Today the city is home to many an artisan who works with leather using age-old techniques.

Today we can find craftsmen, some of whom come from historical Madrid-born families, who share this passion for former trades in these current times.

Not only is it the most elegant of all fashion accessories, but it also protects our hands from the cold. Our city can boast numerous shops and workshops where their gloves are still 100% handmade.

In these two shops, one classic and the other modern, you’ll find the perfect summer accessory.

Let's visit some of the master craftsmen and women who make handmade guitars.

In these shops –some over a century old– and workshops in our city, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for.

These famous maids of honour depicted in Diego Velázquez's painting today act as genuine muses for many workshops and artists in Madrid.



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An observation deck offering wonderful vistas of the city.

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  • Historic establishments. The shops and businesses that have seen the birth and growth of more than three generations of Madrid’s citizens.

    Century-Old Establishments
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